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Big thanks to all who attended the inaugral Devon Social Media Cafe

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The first meeting of the Devon Social Media Cafe (DSMC) has been hailed as a ‘great success’ by all those who attended.

35 people were at the evening event, held at Bar Ha Ha in Plymouth, which was designed to give an opportunity for social media users from the county to meet in person and to become a forum for businesses and organisation to exchange ideas on how to best use social media.

Some of the tweets we received following the event:

@mydogateart back from @devoncafe event – nice to meet real people (you know what i mean…it’s late) – thanx for organising #plymouth #devon
@ShelleyFletcher @Laura_McKay2009 it was good. @devoncafe had a good crowd.  Great start and will be good to link up with @csmc too.
@devonshiretea @BestTourGuide I met @katycreates at Morwellham at weekend – couldn’t make it last eve other commit… GR8 to know @DevonCafe was success!!

The event opened with an introduction from the organisers, public relation consultants, PR Dogs, followed by Aren Grimshaw, one of the organisers behind Cornwall Social Media Cafe, who spoke to the group about the recent Cornwall Twestival.

Director of PR Dogs John Taynton said: “We are delighted that so many people could attend and have had really positive feedback. We’d like to especially thank those guests who made it up from Cornwall in order to be there.

“It’s great to solidify links that are initiated online with a meeting like this and we’re looking forward to extending the concept of the social media cafe over the next few months. Thanks again to everyone who attended or sent their apologies. Watch this space for more news on October’s meeting.”

Photos of the September DSMC

Attendee list:

Robert Bedner                   Research + Design                        @robertbedner
Aren Grimshaw                 Cornwall Social Media Cafe       @ arengrimshaw
Jason Clark                         Deborah Clark Associates          @clarkjason
Steve Clement-Large      My Dog Ate Art                              @mydogateart
Jay (Jesse) Cochran        Truro College                                  @love_puppy
Karen Edwards                 Gallery Guesthouse                       @guesthousegal
Stuart Elford                      Formedia 
Shelley Fletcher               Deborah Clark Associates          @shelleyfletcher
Martin Limburn               PlymouthBiz                                    @mlimburn/@plymouthbiz
Ash Mashhadi                  InPlymouth                                      @inspirationguy/@inplymouth
Edward Mccaughan       Goss interactive                             @edwardmccaughan
Sue Whalton                     Swim Marketing 
Annabel Hebb                 Annabel’s Caberet                          @annabelscabaret
Kelly Hanson                  Moonlight Hampers                       @moonlighthampers
Janie Dymock                Blue Badge Guides                           @besttourguide
Gordon Rae                     Social Technology                          @SocialTechno
Paula Orrell                    Plymouth Arts Centre 
Jim Pascoe                      Velo Club 
Chris Penberthy           Red Foundation                               @Chris_Penberthy
John Allen                      Mazing Tree                                       @MazingTree
Nina Sarlaka                  Tamar Science Park 
Chris Saunders   
Valerie Doyle               Riley Chartered Accountants   @ValDoyle
Liz Scott                
Alison Hernandez                                                                    @AlisonHernandez
Annabel                         Bella’s Bakery                                  @bellasbakery
John Taynton             PR Dogs                                              @prdogs
Katy Creates               PR Dogs                                               @katycreates
Rosemary Best           PR Dogs 
Lisa George                  PR Dogs                                             @bound2please

(Apologies if we missed you out. Get in touch and we’ll add you to the list!)

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17 September 2009 at 10:23 am

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